Mid Ohio Blacksmiths 

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      Welcome to the MOB we are an organization dedicated to the protection and study of blacksmithing. The MOB  meets monthly to practice, discus and teach the art of blacksmithing, decorative metal work, casting, weapon making and Just about anything else you can think of, having to do with metal and flammable materials.

 M.O.B. History     The MOB began as a meeting of minds between Thomas Powers, Paul Aling and Jim Green, The nearest organized smithing group was Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil. (SOFA) near Dayton. For various reasons we had problems attending these meetings regularly. Feeling that there where others in the same situation we started the MOB Being based in Columbus we felt that Mid Ohio Blacksmiths was a good name, fitting the location and the humors bent of the founders.  After a year we have the basis of a good core group we feel can grow in size organization and skill. the Humor will almost certainly remain as exemplified by our Mythic MOB Boss, Don Sparklionie Who is older then coal and so meditative in his existence that he is rarely seen.
                                                                                      by Jim Green 

Mob Dates & Locations:

The next meeting of the Mid Ohio Blacksmiths will be Saturday Nov 17th at 3pm at
Don Yors shop.

DIRECTIONS: I71 South from Columbus OH to exit 97, London-Groveport Rd, (AKA S.Rt. 665)—Turn east (left) off of the exit ramp go across the bridge and turn south(right) between Wendy's & Dairy Mart; this deadends onto Seeds Rd.—Turn right on Seeds Rd. Follow this 1 mile. to a 90 degree right turn, then 250 yds. and turn left onto Seeds Rd. again (Seeds Rd. joins Zuber Rd. for 250 yds.)!  Seeds Rd. makes another right/left jog (500 yds.). Don's place is the first place on the right after the jog, a white ranch, 7139 Seeds Rd.. We'll have a MOB sign out front.—His Phone Number is: 614 875-1414


 Don Sparklionie Words of Wisdom
 Dis is da Don speaking on da behalf of da Mob. Dis here organization Is disorganized and it is time to put some muscle Behind dese tings. The goals I propose will be to have officers and the collection racket (Dues) set up in order to cover mailings and start setting up a fund for improving our organization and to keep youse out of trouble in case youse run into trouble. We would like to get our ducks in a row By the new year. so start thinking about who you would like to see as officers. and what you would like to see done in terms of making dis here organization function in serving the Mid Ohio Blacksmith's Community.
                                                            Thank youse, Don Sparklionie

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