M.O.B. Members List and Bio's

 Don Mcclelan

Jim Green is 46. In college Jim discovered the volunteer opportunities at the Ohio village blacksmith shop. Due to other commitments did not actually volunteer until two years ago. Over the years  he began dabbling with forge work and now has a minimal shop at home. His interests run to the old ways of metal working in support of his historical interests. His goal is to make some thing from Iron and steel that he processed him self from ore. You can call Jim at (614) 447-1059

Paul Ailing Is 47 years old and has been blacksmithing for 17 of those years. He has been the full time smith at the Ohio Village In Columbus for the last 9 1/2 years and can still be found there. Please don't ask him if he makes horse shoes. Paul also does Civil War Recreation You can reach paul at the Ohio Village at (614) 297-2688 or at home at (614) 861-2267

Thomas Powers  email him at twpowers@lucent.com

Adlai Stein has been smithing for about 10 years. He is mostly a knife maker doing some stock removal as well as forging the blades and billet's when making damascus. he also does  sand casting and a bit of jewelry work. You can see his knife makers page at http://macabee.iwarp.com   or email him at macabee@ds.net

Lynn Jones

Terry Griner  Terry Says, "Working with hot metal is fun!" He's built two melting furnaces and melted aluminum, red brass, yellow brass, nickle silver, and ant thing else he can find. He plans to atempt iron soon.
the furnaces are modled on the dave gingery gas furnace and is propane fulled. he is casting parts for a 3/4"scale gauge 3 Live steam locomotive.

Mikel Crees (Wolf) is 33 years old and has an 11 year old daughter Kiena. He has been playing with blacksmithing for 7 years on and off (more off). Enjoys leather working (tanning) woodworking smithing, archery, historical recreation He's a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and is into the back to basics life style. You can reach  by snail mail 25239 Patrick Brush Run, Rich wood, Oh. 43344 , phone (937) 246-5114

John G. King is 49 years old and is a volunteer at the Ohio Village blacksmith shop with Paul. Johns wife Marcia also volunteers at the village. John has been volunteering at the smithy for 5 years and plans to start his own shop The Crown and Anvil Forge. You can call John at (614) 261-1580 or page him at (614) 240-5593.

David Love is 36 years old and is just learning about smithing and knife making. he claims to work for a local major corporation, and is proud of the fact he lives in a trailer park david can be reached at 1468 Dove dr, Columbus, Oh 43219 phone # (614) 258-4597

Lyn Spring is 28 and she is a beginning blacksmith she also enjoys cooking, Filking (Writing humorous lyrics put to other songs.), gardening and reading you can reach Lyn at las@ptmsoftware.com